How to Get Rid of Love Handles, Fast

Love Handles are not loved by anyone. Here are some exercises to help melt them away.

Tony is going to show you a workout to get rid of your love handles, FAST! That’s right, you’re going to get rid of those things around your belly. Blast them away! Joining Tony today are a couple of cool guys from Astro Safari USA. They’re an awesome band and you’re going to love their music. There are 6 moves, 12 reps each, and each one targets muscles throughout your core. So let’s hit the deck, get busy, and get rid of those love handles!

We know what you’re thinking: You can’t spot reduce fat. We’ve told you that. Others have likely told you that. And it’s true — intense core exercises like the ones in this video won’t target belly fat. But they will help your reduce overall body fat, and as that drops, so will your love handles.

The first exercise you’ll do is the Pfeifer Twist Hold. In this move, you want to lay on your back, keep your legs straight and move slowly. It’s all about isometric movement. Flip over for the Bear Crunch, and then flip over one more time for the Draw Bridge. With 12 reps of each of these moves, you’ll be feeling the burn in no time. You’re half way done with the workout when it’s time for the Banana Roll. For this move, you roll side to side, which targets your obliques. Keeping your shoulders off the ground is the hardest part of this exercise. Tap into your super powers for 12 reps of the Superman Crunch, which strengthen the muscles in your lower back. For the Side Plank Crunch — which hits not only your obliques, but also your transverse abdominals deep in your core—keep your hips up and abs engaged.

This workout is tough, but the benefits come quickly — as you burn body fat and shrink your love handles, a tighter, stronger, more chiseled core will emerge.

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